If you are experiencing a power outage, you are most likely thinking of your expiring food in the refrigerator, and not the reason for the power outage (which could be a downed power line). Thirty to sixty linemen die from live power lines. Six hundred people annually die from encountering down power lines. Hopefully you never have to come across one, but if you do here are some great tips for keeping yourself safe.

If you are required to work in an area where power lines are present, there are some precautions you can take:

Power Line Voltage

OSHA Minimum Approach Distance*

(OSHA 1926.1408 Table A)

0 to 50 kV

10 feet

Over 50kV to 200kV

15 feet

Over 200kV to 350kV

20 feet

Over 350kV to 500kV

25 feet

Over 500kV to 750kV

35 feet


National Grid, Austin Energy, FPL